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Web Application Development

We build robust and scalable web applications that harness the power of the latest technologies.

We work using Agile workflows to accomplish intelligent and responsive applications, keeping our clients actively involved throughout the various development phases.

We develop clean and lean Wordpress responsive websites

How do we plan?

1. We discuss

Firstly, we discuss the main functionalities of your future web application, exchanging questions and answers which aim to gain a deeper understanding of your objectives.

We also determine the application's type, whether you are aiming for a web app that works on a browser or a hybrid mobile app that will be downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play.

At Yakot we create web applications
At Yakot we create web applications

2. We research

We conduct research about the best way forward. We brainstorm and create a development plan that consists of a backlog of user stories (features) and sprints (sets of features) based on priority and importance.

3. We prototype

We sketch the UI (User Interface) of the application, prototyping it to give you a closer look at the layout and functionality.

At Yakot we specialise in Web design
At Yakot we create web applications

4. We design

We start designing the UI once you are happy with the wireframe.

5. We iterate

In this stage, programming starts. We implement back and front-end code gradually, testing and delivering iterations of features as they are complete. This workflow allows you to provide us with feedback and/or approve one set at a time. When an iteration is approved, we move on to the next.

At Yakot we create web applications
At Yakot we create web applications

6. We release

Once all the sprints are complete, we run a UAT (User Acceptance Test) on different platforms and devices; then, we package the application for production use.

We will also assist with Cloud hosting for your app and advise on the best plans for your needs.

7. We monitor

By now, the application is operational and accessed by your users; however, monitoring the application is vital. We can supply you with continuous analysis and updates to make the application keep up and stand out in the fast, ever-changing digital world.

At Yakot we create web applications
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