Our services

Web Design

We provide visually striking web designs that comply with the latest trends and techniques in the field. We merge original aesthetics with robust functionalities to deliver custom-made products that capture your users’ attention.

Our web design expertise encapsulates

  • User Interface design (UI),
  • User Experience design (UX) for websites & applications; as well as
  • mobile design.

Our aim is to shape the digital medium to target your audience and help you reach your business goals.

At Yakot we specialise in UX design

Our approach

1. We listen to you

Firstly, we sit down with you and listen to your business needs and what should be accomplished. We ask the right questions and take note of all your basic requirements.

At Yakot we specialise in Web design
At Yakot we specialise in Web design

2. We research

Based on the information we get from you, we conduct thorough research to create user personas and draw up a scenario map. This includes a competitor analysis, should you prefer.

3. We prototype

We now start creating a basic visual of the design in the form of a wireframe, allowing you to experience the functionality.

At Yakot we specialise in Web design
At Yakot we specialise in Web design

4. We design

At this stage, we start designing the UI (User Interface) based on the wireframe and your feedback: the aim is to find the perfect balance between minimalism, performance and aesthetics.

5. We deliver

Once the design is complete and you are satisfied with the outcome, we move the design into the development phase.

At Yakot we specialise in Web design
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